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Wolf Themed Online Slots

wolf-slotsThere are scores of slot developers on the market now, with new, independent studios regularly popping up and pairing with the big guns to gain access to a broader distribution. There’s never been a better time to play slots because the diverse range of themes and titles is phenomenal.

While there are always some weird and wonderful games that appear, there are specific themes that developers return to time and again. Wolves are the perfect example of this because game designers know how popular the wolf is with mankind.

A long history entwined with humans makes wolves an almost mythical creature, despite being a real-life animal. Wolf slots make the most of our unique relationship with them, with some of the most creative titles around.

Theme and Design

“Wolf slots” is a very generic term that doesn’t do justice to the diverse types of games that are available. Wolves don’t fall just within a single genre but can straddle several, appealing to different audiences seeking lupine slots.

Many people view the wolf as a spiritual animal, and it’s not unusual to feel a connection with the species. Known for being fiercely intelligent and loving to its kin, the wolf has a special place in folklore worldwide. There are many slot machines that embrace and celebrate this aspect of the wolf with a game that feels almost spiritual in its design.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the werewolves which appear in horror movies with snarling jaws and intent on ripping people limb from limb. This is the stuff of nightmares, but if this is a genre you enjoy – and many do! – you’ll find lots of horror slots available, complete with scary wolf creatures! These titles are sometimes seasonal, and you’ll find the best choice around Halloween.

design example

In the middle is the cartoon wolf. It seems almost farcical that an animal can go to such extremes. But the wolf has appeared in many cartoons and stories over the years. Sometimes a sly, cunning creature and occasionally gentle, like the kind wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus in the famous fable, the wolf is a mainstay of cartoon tales. This translates well to slots, and you can find titles that depict the wolf as a fun cartoon character rather than a serious figure.

Types of Wolf Games

Like all genres, there are many different wolf slots that may appeal to players. There are key differences between them all, so here’s a rundown of a few of the most popular:

Wolf Gold

A five-reel slot from Pragmatic Play, Wolf Gold is a celebration of the wolf, with beautiful graphics that show the creature in its natural environment. From howling at the moon to directing its amber gaze right at the camera lens, the wolf is front and centre in all that you do.

With 25 paylines and an RTP of 96.01%, Wolf Gold includes free spins and three progressive jackpots, which have the potential for big money wins.

Werewolf Wild

Werewolf Wild is a slot with cartoon graphics, but make no mistake, this is an adult game. Set in 1900s London, you’ll be playing on five reels and 25 paylines as you chase a werewolf around the moonlit city.

The RTP is 95%, but there’s a medium volatility with features that include free spins, bonus games and a gamble feature.

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon from Amatic Games is another slot that is set amongst the natural world of the wolf, with other creatures such as moose and grizzly bear joining in the fun. Five reels and 40 paylines offer plenty of opportunities to win, with up to 25,000 coins to play for if you win the top prize.

Features include free spins, a bonus round and stacked wilds.

Wolf Treasure

Created by IGT, Wolf Treasure is a five reel slot which offers an RTP of 96%. Another game that recreates the natural beauty of the wolf, you’ll also have the chance to appreciate other types of wildlife.

The big attraction on this slot is the three progressive jackpots, but there are also free spins and wilds to help bump up the wins.

Popular Wolf Themed Slots

Wolf themed slots are some of the most popular around, with players consciously seeking out games in this genre. From the Native American inspired spiritual themes to the horrifying werewolves, there are many wolf slots for players to choose from. Many of the top developers offer a wolf themed slot, including names such as Pragmatic Play, Amatic Games and IGT.


If you’ve not played Wolf Casino Slots before, you might be under the impression that they’re all somewhat similar. The reality couldn’t be any more different. There are wolf slots that can fall into many different sub-genres, including parodies, cartoon, spiritual and horror.

The latter two on the list are the most popular. Around Halloween in particular, you’ll find an abundance of werewolves slots that are deliberately designed to be terrifying! One that we really like is Wolf Moon Rising and is design for this specific period of the year.

wolf moon rising

But probably the most popular of all are the wolf slots which capture the natural world of the creature, showing the wolf in its native environment, often accompanied by other creatures. The moon often features strongly, too, as there’s a strong link between wolves and the lunar cycle. All of this combines to create slots that feel spiritual and offer a calming way to play.

From the Big Bad Wolf to Red Riding Hood, the wolf is often depicted as the baddie in popular fiction, but that’s not always the case with slot machines. Many games embrace the intelligence, independent nature of the wolf, acknowledging there’s far more to the beautiful animal than meets the eye.

This sympathetic depiction of wolves is popular among players, with many games that celebrate the wolf among the most frequently played.

Wolf Gold and Wolf Treasure are two of the most famous wolf themed slots available. Created by Pragmatic Play and IGTech, respectively, both of these slots offer players the chance to win three progressive jackpots if they strike it lucky on a bonus feature.

wolf gold

While each slot has its own individual features, the two games are very similar. Both are played on five reels with 25 paylines and alongside the jackpot prizes feature free spins, scatters and wild symbols.

You’ll feel almost as if you’ve been transported to the wilds of America yourself with a myriad of creatures, including eagle and bison appearing on the reels and a dusty orange rock backdrop.

Both of these are slots that will appeal to a wide range of players, but there’s only one way to find out for yourself – and that’s to play it!

Reasons to Play Wolf type Slots Online

If you are passionate about wolves, playing wolf slots online is an excellent source of entertainment. Compatible with all types of devices, wolf slots can be played on your phone, tablet or computer. This means whether you’re chilling at home or you’re out and about, you can access the same high-quality content.

With lots of different titles available, you can enjoy playing a variety of games that are all about wolves.

There are real cash prizes up for grabs, with a range of features and bonuses, including jackpot payouts. Playing online means you are able to search to find the slot that has the volatility and prizes that you want.

There are also many casino bonuses available, including cash credits and free spins. Playing wolf slots online allows you to search for the latest promos deals available from the many casinos.


There are many online casinos that offers slots in all different types of genres. Wolves are very popular, so you’ll find wolf slots at lots of online casinos. You can often check to see what games a casino has before you register; this could help you find the right site with the most wolf slots.

Wolf slots come in many different varieties with titles to suit both low and high rollers. Different studios offer various features and payout structures, so you would have to check each game individually to find one with a progressive jackpot. Wolf Gold is one top-rated wolf-themed slot that includes a progressive jackpot.

The amount you could win at wolf slots changes depending on the game you are playing. Some are low volatility and usually pay out smaller sums, while other games have big money prizes and a progressive jackpot.

Wolves are a trendy theme with players of all ages. One of the reasons for this is that wolves straddle different genres from the peaceful, spiritual slots to those in the werewolf horror niche. For this reason, most casinos will have wolf themed slots but you won’t find exactly the same games at every single site.

Wolf slots have a range of different features, including free spins, multipliers and jackpot prizes. Every game will offer something different, so check out the rules and paytable in advance to see what’s included.

Many wolf-themed slots are available to play, and there’s no reason you can’t play lots of different titles! There’s not really any advantage to just sticking to one. By playing other titles, you could bet at different levels and help your budget to stretch further. If you’re not sure whether you want to play a particular game, look for a demo version so you can try it without spending any of your own money!

Most slots have a reasonably low min bet, so they’re accessible to players with all kinds of budgets. The max bet can vary, with some capped fairly low while others are offering high rollers the chance to bet for big bucks. It’s not just the stake that you need to consider; it’s also the payout rate.

A slot with low volatility will pay out small prizes quite regularly, helping to keep your balance topped up while you wait for a more significant win. The downside is that the big wins come along very infrequently, so you’ll potentially have a long wait. High volatility slots don’t offer regular, small wins, and you could hit a very long “dry” streak. However, they pay out more considerable sums more frequently than low volatility slots, but you’ll need to have some patience as you won’t be landing wins on every turn. There’s no right or wrong way to play slots, and every player will have their own preference for low or high volatility games.

Wolf Slots Pros and Cons

  • Beautiful graphics during gameplay
  • Strong theme which makes the game more attractive
  • Can play slots from different studios
  • Lots of variety available
  • The usual bonuses and features are available
  • Choose your favourite wolf slot with the highest prizes
  • Not all studios release wolf themed slots
  • More common around Halloween
  • May miss other games if you only play wolf slots
  • More difficult to find bonus codes.

Final Conclusion

If you’re a fan of all things lupine, you’ll be delighted to discover that there are plenty of wolf themed slots on the market. Rather than having to stick with a single provider, you can switch up the slot studios and try games from different sources. Different slot developers often offer different features, and many have distinct styles to their gameplay. Therefore, alternating where you play can help to keep things interesting.

But of course, wolf slots come in all shapes and sizes, with some adopting a fun, cartoon vibe while others go for the jugular with a horror theme. From the werewolves of Halloween to the soulful, spiritual animals often seen in Native America, wolves offer many different stories for the slots.

Wolf slots are quite often paired with powerful visual content. There’s no point choosing such strong imagery and then failing to feature it! That’s why you’ll typically find that wolf slots are absolutely stunning, with a lot of creativity behind the graphics.

No matter how beautiful a game is, slots are about winning cash prizes. The good news is that with wolf slots, you can pick your preferred theme and still play for money. Different slot titles have different levels of volatility, and some may have a jackpot. Select the game that matches your criteria for both aesthetics and the amount you could win, and you’ll have the perfect combination.

Even if you’re crazy about wolf slots, it’s always worthwhile keeping tabs on the other games on the market. You don’t want to miss out on great titles because you’re only playing with wolves! Not every studio has a wolf slot, and with new developers arriving all the time, it’s a good idea to keep in touch with what’s going on if you want to pick up the biggest payouts.

Wolf Slots Free Chip Bonus Codes

bonus codesFree chips sound too good to be true, but it’s entirely possible to enjoy playing wolf slots with some bonus credits. This can help your own money to last longer and allow you to still access the top prizes for a much lower cost.

Look out for affiliate sites advertising promo deals for wolf slot machine (such as this*) that offer free bonus chips. To take advantage of the promo, you’ll need to register for the casino site by clicking on the link on the affiliate site.

This step is essential as if you just search for the casino and sign up without using the promo link, you might find that the terms of the offer are different. You might not even receive any free chips at all! Some promos deals have a unique code to enter, while for others, all you need to do is follow the special link to qualify.

In some cases, you’ll be able to find Wolf slots free chip bonus codes being offered by the casinos directly. When this is the case, you can sign up as usual directly with the casino, and you’ll receive your bonus. Don’t forget to check the qualifying criteria to make sure you understand exactly what the small print says.

Wolf Slots Free Spins Bonus Codes

Casinos offer many different types of bonuses, and this may include free spins. If you want to play wolf slots, you can take advantage of any promo deals which give you free spins on the wolf slot of your choice.

casino free spins

There are different options which you could look out for. The first is a generic offer which you can use on the slot of your choice. You’ll need to check the terms and conditions to make sure there are no restrictions and available to use on the wolf slot you have in mind. The other option is to keep checking for free spin bonuses from a casino that are specifically designed for the slot machine you want to play.

If you see a promo deal for the casino, you need to make sure you fulfil the terms before you sign up. These deals are typically only offered to new players, so you will lose out on your bonus if you don’t follow the procedure correctly. If you saw the offer advertised on an affiliate site, you’ll need to click through on the link. Make sure that you also enter any bonus codes when prompted. Not all deals require a bonus code, so don’t panic if you don’t have one.

Wolf Slots Deposit Bonus Codes

There are different types of bonus codes, and not all of these are just handed to you when you register at a new casino. Deposit Bonus Codes are for new players, but you’ll only receive them when you meet the qualifying criteria. You’ll need to check the small print of each of the bonus codes you want to claim, but this will typically mean making a transfer within a particular time after registering. The casino will typically specify a minimum sum, but this is usually set relatively low, so it’s accessible to all.

casino bonus codes

Deposit Bonus Codes come in many shapes and sizes. The bonus may be fixed, such as receiving a certain number of free spins. Alternatively, it may match or be a multiple of the amount you deposit. The more you deposit, the larger the bonus you’ll receive!

Like all other types of bonus, you’ll need to make sure you click on the promo link to claim your offer and enter any unique code when prompted. It’s not possible to backdate new player slots bonuses after you have registered, so double-check you’ve included everything you need before hitting the enter button!

Wolf Slots Casino Promotions

When you’re searching for wolf slots casino promotions, make sure you understand what type of offer is available. This means checking whether you need to make a deposit. In addition to if there are any restrictions around your bonus. Free spins and cash credits can’t always be used on every type of game, so it’s essential to check that they’re available for your wolf slots.

Casino promotions tend to be transient and can be withdrawn before the expiry date. If you see a deal that you like, it’s a good idea to claim it quickly just in case it’s removed. Although wolf slots can be spiritual, there’s also a large horror market associated with them too.

If you enjoy this genre, it’s a good idea to search around Halloween, as you might find more casino offers than usual that you can use on your wolf slots. Many of these will be generic enough to be used on any slot game, so even if you prefer the more spiritual titles, a wolf bonus in October could still help you out!

Wolf Treasure

Software: IGTech
RTP: 96.00%
Variance: Medium
Grid: 5x3

Wolf Moon Rising

Software: Betsoft
RTP: 96.53%
Variance: Medium
Grid: 5x3

Wolf Gold

Software: Pragmatic Play
RTP: 96.00%
Variance: Medium
Grid: 5x3

Werewolf Wild

Software: Aristocrat
RTP: 95.30%
Variance: Medium
Grid: 5x3


If you see a casino bonus site for a wolf slot, it’s easy to jump right in and claim a freebie that looks exciting. However, before you start playing, make sure you fully understand whether there are any restrictions. This could mean anything from wagering requirements to a limit on making withdrawals. Every casino is different, and no two deals are alike, so it’s important to check every time you sign up for a new bonus.

There are many types of bonus available, so you don’t need to accept the first one you see. If you prefer free spins to a cash credit, keep searching, and you’ll find one you like.

And finally, don’t stop searching for wolf slot bonus offers! If you’re already registered with a casino, you might get a reload offer, but there’s no limit on the number of casinos you can play at, so why not take advantage of as many promos as you can?!


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Wolf Slots at Online Casino

online casinoThe great thing about playing wolf themed slots online is that you can find them in so many places. You don’t need to restrict yourself to just a single studio, and every Euro Casino will carry wolf themed slots.

If you’re already registered with a casino, a quick search will show whether they have your favourite wolf slots, such as Wolf Gold and Wolf treasure. If your search turns up empty, you can always register at another casino too. There’s no limit on the number of casinos you can hold an account with.

This variety is great because it allows you to choose how you want to play your slots. The vast majority of titles are fully compatible with mobile play so that you can access the games on your phone or tablet, as well as on your laptop or desktop device.

A fast internet connection is essential for playing wolf slots as you won’t want the game to freeze just as you’re about to hit the jackpot! Some casinos offer an app that you can download onto your phone, but it’s also possible to find casinos that offer instant play via your regular web browser. Neither is better than the other; it’s purely a matter of personal choice.

Play Wolf Slots with Cryptocurrency

crypto bonusesCryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular way to fund casino play, but not everyone accepts this method of payment just yet. If you want to play wolf slots with money from your cryptocurrency account, you’ll need to look for the correct type of casino.

Most casinos are clear about the payment methods they accept, and numbers who accept crypto are steadily rising. As well as checking for being a crypto casino, remember to check for the specific type of currency you hold. Bitcoin is the most common, but many other types of crypto are surging in popularity, such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Just because a casino accepts crypto doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be able to process the one you use. It’s still early days for crypto in casinos, so make sure you check carefully and ensure there are no prohibitive terms or fees.

One of the greatest strengths and the biggest challenges for crypto is the lack of regulation and protection. This means it’s even more essential that you look for a suitably licensed and regulated casino. Don’t risk your money playing at a Bitcoin Casino that isn’t properly monitored by a genuine regulatory body.

Online casinos offer bonus codes for wolf slots, so you can either check at new casinos to see what promos are available or use an affiliate site. The latter is the quicker option as you’ll find all the best deals from a variety of casinos all collected in one place. This can save you a lot of time searching manually, which means more time for playing!

Casinos issue bonus codes for wolf slots to new players as an incentive to sign up. If you already have an account at that casino, you won’t be eligible for a welcome bonus. You may still receive reload bonuses from your casino, but you can also search for similar offers at other casinos where you don’t yet have an account.

All types of casinos offer promos and deals, and this would generally include cryptocurrency. However, it is always recommended to check the small print to ensure there are no restrictive conditions that could affect gameplay.

The rules about withdrawing your money depend on the promo you signed up to and the rules of the casino. Some offers have strict terms and conditions that you’ll need to fulfil before being able to make a withdrawal, such as wagering requirements. Other casinos allow you to withdraw winnings immediately but may place a cap on the amount. Always check the terms before you sign up and start playing.

All casinos offer bonuses and promo deals regularly as it’s a great way of enticing new players to register. However, there’s no guarantee of what games will be included in their promos or the particular terms. If you can’t find what you like, try checking an affiliate site as they usually have a round-up of the best deals available – and that could include offers for wolf slots.

Provided you are playing at a licensed and regulated casino; you can trust that bonus codes for wolf slots are legit. There may be restrictions on what you can claim or how the process works, but this should all be set out in the terms and conditions. Many players use bonus codes to supercharge their play and help them win more prizes while spending less of their own funds.

There are many different types of bonus codes, and not all of them require a deposit first. No-deposit bonus codes are issued when you register for an account and don’t need you to make a deposit. If you opt for a deposit bonus instead, check the terms and conditions to find out the minimum deposit amount and how they calculate the amount of bonus they pay.